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Crafted Vodkas

A Vodka Born from Nature's Best

From the Heart of Colorado to Your Glass OR DRINK

Golden Purity

6 Times Distilled

Made From 100% Corn

Crafted In Colorado

Award Winning

Smooth Elegance


Colorado’s Quintessential Vodka

Pure Perfection

At Vanjak, we believe in going the extra mile, or rather, the extra five distillations. Our Pure Vodka is a masterpiece of precision and patience, distilled six times to ensure unparalleled quality. This meticulous process, combined with Colorado’s pristine waters, results in a vodka that’s exceptionally smooth and versatile. Whether you’re a cocktail enthusiast, a mixologist in the making, or simply looking for a drink that stands above the rest, our Pure Vodka is your ticket to uncompromised excellence.

Six Times Distilled Excellence

Colorado's Best-Kept Secret

Dive into the pristine world of Vanjak Vodka, where perfection is not just a goal; it’s a way of life. Our Pure Vodka is a testament to the Colorado spirit – pure, untamed, and adventurous. It’s the result of relentless dedication and six times distillation, ensuring a level of purity that’s unmatched. Each sip embodies the essence of our Rocky Mountain home, leaving a smooth and unforgettable impression. Whether you’re toasting at an upscale soirée or simply unwinding by the campfire after an adventurous hike, Vanjak Pure Vodka elevates every experience, making it truly iconic.

Adventure Awaits, Vodka in Hand

Embrace Colorado Spirit

Vanjak Vodka isn’t just about the liquid in the bottle; it’s about embracing the spirit of Colorado. Our roots are firmly planted in this land of breathtaking mountains, endless trails, and boundless adventure. With Vanjak in hand, you’re ready for anything, from epic hikes to lively parties under the starry Colorado sky. We’re not just a vodka; we’re your companion on this exhilarating journey. Raise your glass to the Colorado way of life, where every moment is an opportunity for unforgettable memories.

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Community Spirit