How it Began


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The journey to creating Vanjak Vodka began in 2015, when the owner decided to take the leap and start his own distillery. He knew that he wanted to create a vodka that was unlike any other, one that would reflect the spirit of the Colorado mountains and capture the essence of the region’s natural beauty.

The owner of Vanjak Vodka is a family man, and he named his creation after his own family – his son Van, his daughter Jack, and his wife Kim. Their family values of hard work, dedication, and love were infused into every bottle of Vanjak Vodka, and the brand quickly became a local favorite.

Today, Vanjak Vodka is a staple in Colorado liquor stores, bars, and restaurants, and it continues to grow in popularity across the state. The owner’s passion for creating a pure, smooth vodka that reflects the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains lives on in every bottle of Vanjak, and his dream of creating a spirit that is uniquely Colorado has been realized.

Our Process

“Crafted with Care”

At VANJAK, we believe that quality and authenticity go hand in hand. That’s why we’re committed to using only the finest ingredients in our vodka, including corn and El Dorado canyon spring water. Our unique filtration process ensures that each batch of VANJAK vodka is smooth, clean, and free from any unwanted impurities. We’re proud to be a Colorado-based company, and we’re dedicated to producing a high-quality product that our community can be proud of. So whether you’re sipping on our classic summer cocktail or trying our latest creation, you can trust that you’re getting a taste of the best that Colorado has to offer.

Crafting Exceptional Vodka with Passion and Care

Our Process

Our Distilling Process

At Vanjak, we take great pride in our distilling process, which allows us to craft exceptional vodka with passion and care. Our process starts with carefully selecting the highest quality corn, which is then fermented and distilled using a unique combination of traditional and modern techniques.

Our distilling process includes multiple stages of filtration, which results in an incredibly smooth and clean taste. We use a combination of activated carbon and silver filtration, which removes any impurities and creates a neutral base that is perfect for creating our signature vodka.

We also use only the finest water in our distilling process, which is sourced from the El Dorado Canyon spring in Boulder, Colorado. This water is naturally filtered through layers of rock, which gives it a unique flavor profile and ensures that our vodka is of the highest quality.

At Vanjak, we believe that our commitment to using only the finest ingredients and our dedication to our craft is what sets us apart. We are passionate about creating exceptional vodka that is not only perfect but also reflects our love for the art of distilling.

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