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Crafted Vodkas

How it Began


Welcome To THE WORLD OF Vanjak.

The journey to creating Vanjak Vodka began in 2015 when our founder dared to dream. Fueled by a passion for crafting a vodka that embodied the heart of Colorado, he set out on a mission to create something extraordinary. Inspired by the pristine landscapes of the Rockies and the spirit of the region, he envisioned a vodka that would encapsulate the very essence of Colorado’s rugged beauty.

A family man at heart, our founder named his creation after his own family members – Van, Jory anna, and Kim. These names are not just letters; they’re the embodiment of values such as hard work, dedication, and love. These values have been painstakingly poured into every bottle of Vanjak Vodka, and it didn’t take long for the brand to capture the hearts of locals and become a cherished part of the community.

It is made from corn and fresh spring water from Eldorado Canyon in Boulder Colorado. VanjaK Vodka is distilled six times in Golden Colorado.

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Our Process

“Crafted with Care”

At VANJAK, we believe that quality and authenticity go hand in hand. Our unique filtration process ensures that each batch of VANJAK vodka is smooth, clean, and free from any unwanted impurities. We’re proud to be a Colorado-based company, and we’re dedicated to producing a high-quality product that our community can be proud of. So whether you’re sipping on our classic summer cocktail or trying our latest creation, you can trust that you’re getting a taste of the best that Colorado has to offer.

Celebrating Our Collective Journey

Today, Vanjak Vodka is more than a beverage; it’s a symbol of Colorado’s spirit. It graces the shelves of liquor stores, the menus of bars and restaurants, and the moments of celebration across the state. Our founder’s vision lives on in every sip, a testament to his dream of creating a truly Colorado spirit that’s as authentic as the land it comes from.

But we couldn’t have achieved this alone. As we continue to grow and thrive, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners, vendors, liquor stores, restaurants, hotels, and most importantly, our cherished customers. You’ve been with us every step of the way, supporting us and believing in our journey. It’s your appreciation for authenticity and quality that has made Vanjak Vodka what it is today. Here’s to you, the individuals who’ve played an integral role in our story – thank you for making the dream a reality. Your belief in us fuels our passion to continue crafting exceptional vodka with unwavering dedication and care.

With gratitude,
The Vanjak Team

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Our promotional videos are more than just visuals – they’re a window into the heart and soul of our brand. Discover the passion, creativity, and craftsmanship that go into every bottle of Vanjak Vodka as you dive into these captivating videos. From behind-the-scenes glimpses of our production process to the exhilaration of lively events, each video takes you on a journey through the essence of Vanjak. So sit back, press play, and immerse yourself in the world of Vanjak Vodka like never before.