Vanjak Vodka is a 100% corn-based , gluten free vodka. Our vodka is distilled 6 times using our unique silver filtration process, producing a smooth drinking, premium product.

The name Vanjak is a mix of first names from the family: VANJory, And Kim

Vanjak Sweet Tea is a custom blend of organic teas that we source from Teatulia in Denver.  We steep the tea in our award winning gluten free Vanjak Vodka and add sugar.  No artificial flavorings are added.  If you are a tea lover try this one. We believe it is the best one in the market!

Corey (General Manager) – Husband and loving father. Loves fishing but can’t catch anything to save his life
Sebastian (Production Manager) – Loves mountain biking and is currently training for the Tour De France.
Tai (Sticker Meister) – Probably going to save the world one day, enjoys hockey.
Brandon (Assistant to the assistant) – Aspires to work for Nascar one day however doesn’t want to live down south.
Zach (Assistant to the general manager) – Rock Climber, loves music, camping, long walks on the beach and the occasional Bratwurst.


Family-owned and operated distillery in beautiful Golden, Colorado.


We currently do not offer tours or tastings if you wish to contact us please see below



417 Violet St
Golden, CO 80401

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