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Crafted Vodkas

Elevate Your Spirits With Unparalleled Perfection

Experience perfection with Vanjak Vodka. The smoothness of this exceptional 100% corn-based vodka, meticulously distilled six times and subjected to a unique filtration process using Eldorado Springs Water.


At VANJAK, we believe that quality and authenticity go hand in hand. Our unique filtration process ensures that each batch of VANJAK vodka is smooth, clean, and free from any unwanted impurities. We’re proud to be a Colorado-based company, and we’re dedicated to producing a high-quality product that our community can be proud of. So whether you’re sipping on our classic summer cocktail or trying our latest creation, you can trust that you’re getting a taste of the best that Colorado has to offer.

Best Quality

Excellent VODKA

6 Times Distilled

Made From 100% Corn

Crafted In Colorado

Made With Teatulia Tea

Brewed with Eldorado Natural spring water

Great For Cocktails

Our Spirits

The Spirit of Colorado in Every Drop

Vodka - 1.0L

Sweet Tea
Vodka - 1.0l

Sweet Tea
Vodka - 1.75l

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