Our Story

Vanjak is a testament to never letting go of a dream.  Since 2009, our family’s vision has been to create a premium Colorado vodka on par with the top international brands.  With Vanjak, we believe we’ve succeeded.

We named it after our family members: Van, Jory Anna, and Kim; and we’ve watched our children grow along with our vision for Vanjak.

But some things don’t change. We still produce Vanjak one small batch at a time at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, Colorado – a place with a bit of beverage history of its own. Our hands-on approach and proprietary silver filtration process have resulted in a locally produced spirit that consistently receives top ratings in taste tests against other premium vodkas.

In our family, and here in Colorado, we appreciate the good things in life and we hope that you, too, find many reasons to celebrate. That is why, on every Vanjak bottle, we have shared our traditional toast:

“Live The Good Life!”

About Vanjak

The Vanjak Vision: To handcraft a premium Colorado vodka that embodies the state’s purity and refreshingly honest character with quality local ingredients and a unique silver filtration process.
We believe that the treatment of the spirit after distillation to be crucial in crafting our vodka, which is why we employ our silver filtration process. This new technology allows us to curb as well as enhance, certain organoleptic characteristics of the finished product. After tirelessly tinkering and adjusting and a lot of tasting we have found the key to Vanjak’s smooth, crisp and clean flavor profile; some luck, a little bit of science, but mostly alchemy! We encourage you to taste the difference a little bit of silver can make. To the good life!

We at Vanjak are proud Coloradoans, thankful to “live the good life” every day in a state that offers so much. From breath-taking natural beauty and phenomenal outdoor activities to welcoming people and a vibrant cultural scene of sports, the arts, and of course, food and beverage genius.